Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A quick note on 'officialness'

For some time now, thanks to the miracles of Google Analytics, I've been noticing some visitors and talkers about this Dev-C++ fork are complaining that's it's not official enough. Like, say, 'I'm not upgrading until an official Bloodshed version will be released'.

Well, I can tell you, that's not going to happen. You wouldn't want to know how many times I tried to get into contact with Colin Laplace (the old lead developer) and a few other developers associated with the old SourceForge project page. Why bother you ask? Well, Bloodshed.net is still the number one hit on Google, and this blog is not, which is one of the reasons why some Dev-C++ users still don't know of this fork. The old SourceForge page is a similar story.

Anyways, the old developers are gone. There won't be any new version released by them. But why bother waiting? What's the difference between them or I doing the coding and other stuff? Sure, it might take me a while longer to fix stuff, but still: what's the point of waiting for them to do the job?

Concluding: do yourself a favor and switch to Orwell Dev-C++ if you're still using the old versions!