Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dev-C++ 5.8.3 released

Incremental update.!

Changes - Version 5.8.3 - 15 November 2014
  • Slightly decreased flicker during editor opening.
  • Makefiles are now highlighted as if they are source files.
  • Opening braces after a 'default' keyword are now completed correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in NewFunctionFrm and NewVarFrm that caused crashes (thank you for reporting).
  • Rewritten ancient source code of devcppPortable.exe. It is now immune to overflows due to arguments of length more than 400.
  • Fixed a bug in TCppParser that caused it to ignore project include paths.
  • Fixed a crash in TCppTokenizer due to spaces before #include in combination with comments after the or "file" part (like " #include // bar").

  • The setup which includes TDM-GCC 4.8.1 (32bit and 64bit) can be downloaded here (47MB).
  • The setup which does not include a compiler can be downloaded here (2MB).
  • The portable version which includes TDM-GCC 4.8.1 (32bit and 64bit) can be downloaded here (34MB).
  • The portable version which does not include a compiler can be downloaded here (2MB).
  • The latest tested compilers can be downloaded here.
  • Lastly, the source code can be found here (1MB). Alternatively, one can use git to clone any commit. Instructions can be found here.

Dev-C++ will automatically configure a 32bit and a 64bit compiler profile for you, and will select the 32bit profile if your computer does not support 64bit.


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  2. Definitive solution to install the Conio library in Orwell Dev C++

  3. Will I be able to keep my custom configuration if I install this new version ? Where are the configuration and syntax files ?

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  4. It'd be nice if you add a function to scroll the code with center mouse wheel pressed like used in Adobe Reader and web browsers. :)

  5. Hello, thank you for your project.
    I'm wondering about the portable verison, but on the sourceforge page

    I need to build a little utility that I'll use in Server's RAIDs reconstruction

    they are listed only versions x64, so I kindly ask you
    are they supposed to "recognize" the x32 environment? I have Vista x32.
    Thank you

  6. It'd be nice if you can add some more Color Schemes and a Suitable Code Formatter into it .

  7. thank you very much for the efforts :)

  8. I got a tips regarding the following tutorial
    and I am wondering if this tutorial can be used with the new version or if the language has changed since 2008? Python for instance changed between 2 and 3.

  9. Regarding the heartbleed bug and the saying "don't invent the Wheel, use old code". Which other old code should preferably be overviewed instead of being blindly reused in new applications?

  10. Hello,
    As a novice user I'd be glad if someone could help me out in clarifying MinGW32 and TDM-GCC x64 differences here.
    1) so TDM-GCC x64 CAN work under 32bit windows as long as the CPU is 64-bit?
    2) TDM-GCC x64 is 64bit compiler that works under 32bit windows, MinGW32 is 32bit compiler that works under 32bit windows and only produces 32bit executable?
    3) they are both GCC based its just that TDM-GCC x64 chose to include more MS related headers and libraries than MinGW32?
    4) as long as compiler options or inner workings go they are virtually identical as they use GCC as basis?

  11. Hi. I'm just wondering if any progress has been made toward fixing the code folding issues?

  12. dear sir . kindly look into this matter . graphics.h is not working properly . its showing such directory is not found

  13. Can you add SVN/Git/Mercurial support?

  14. Hey, Orwell. Looks like you've been through dev-cpp's source for a bit. I wonder, if you can tell me - would it be hard to add such feature: color different parts of the edited file in respect with preset defines? i.e., i have some #defines in file, and #ifdef/#endifs next, so i want that parts of code, that won't be compiled (suppressed by preprocessor) - to be colored differently. Is it doable?

  15. Thank you for update!
    Here is new Japanese language file I edited for 5.8.3:

  16. new tdm gcc has been released

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  18. Perhaps i'm just using it wrong, but with the 5.8.3 compiler I try to generate a random number (ex: srand(time(0)); rand() % 100 +1;) and all I get are numbers that keep going upwards to the max limit I specified.

    So if I get a 4 from one run I'll get a 8 next time and a 13 after that, 15, etc. Never the same once it "turns over" and begins again at 1.

    Am I missing something?

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