Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dev-C++ released

Time for an emergency update!

Changes - Version - 28 Augustus 2011
  • The Delete key now does not get hijacked by the project browser anymore.
  • When nothing is selected, the tab key now puts a tab instead of doing nothing.
  • Dev-C++ now shows how long compiling took.

Important notices
  1. The options format has changed. If you want to reuse an old pre- config file (NOT recommended), or, more importantly, when you're overriding Compiler Options in your project, you need to re-set these project settings once and save the project. You'll then have an updated project file.
  2. This version has GCC built-in instead of being an aditional package. It also contains D3D9/10/11, GDI, Win32 and OpenGL headers and libraries in that flavor.
  3. This version is now fully portable. If you also don't want Dev to leave anything behind in the registry, please select "Portable" or "Minimal" in the setup options.
  4. For ultimate portable programming, please launch devcppPortable.exe.lnk located in the main folder of the portable zip download. This will make dev save its configuration files in the same folder as the executable.

The setup can be downloaded here. The Portable zip version can be downloaded here. The source code can be found here.

Problems / Upcoming changes / TODO
  • TODO: Implement C++0x suggestions by Xazax.
  • TODO: Fix the mysterious crash reported by mdiz.
  • TODO: Fix the bug reported by Anonymous (first comment on
  • FIXED: Added a missing semicolon to the class inserts.
  • FIXED: Portable versions now properly save shortcuts.
  • FIXED: Portable version now properly save custom tools.