Monday, October 24, 2011

Dev-C++ released

After 12 beta's, I've finally decided to release The biggest addition is the rewritten tooltip generator. I've also decided to dump make.exe from the binary directory, making an install 1.2MiB smaller.

Changes - Version - 24 Oktober 2011
  • Rewritten the tooltip generator. It now uses better code scanning techniques and does not show up above what you were typing anymore.
  • Brace completion is now disabled inside strings and comments. It now also supports closing the < character.
  • The tooltip now also works when typing foo[bar].member and hovering above member.
  • The empty project now contains an empty Untitled unsaved file. Why would anyone NOT want or need that?
  • The function tooltip now also displays tips for completed and empty function parameter bodies.
  • The < character is now only inserted in lines starting with '#include'.
  • Highlighting checks in plain files now do not cause Dev to crash.
  • The Tips of the Day are back again!
  • The tab position of the editor is now changeable.
  • This version now uses a nine years more recent mingw32-make.exe makefile processor! The old GNU one will be omitted from the installer.
  • Projects are now saved upon creation.
  • Fixed two out-of-bounds errors in tooltip generation and code completion.
  • The source code is now more user friendly (DevCpp.dpk wouldn't compile straight away since some version), and 50% smaller.
  • Dev can now automatically log compiler messages to disk (the option can be found in Project Options >> Build Options).
  • The obj output directory now does not get created in the wrong 'current directory' in rare cases.
  • Dependency checking and compile delays are now saved, and on a per-compiler basis.
  • Restyled the editor tooltip balloon.
  • The function tooltip balloon now updates on the fly.
  • The editor hints option now properly disables hints.
  • Fixed a coloring bug when highlighting matching braces on the currently highlighted line.
  • Added a few more GUI togglable warning options.
  • Improved the sizing of the Specials Toolbar to make long translations fit.

Important notices
  1. The options format has changed. If you want to reuse an old pre- config file (NOT recommended), or, more importantly, when you're overriding Compiler Options in your project, you need to re-set these project settings once and save the project. You'll then have an updated project file.
  2. This version has GCC built-in instead of being an aditional package. It also contains D3D9/10/11, GDI, Win32 and OpenGL headers and libraries in that flavor.
  3. This version is now fully portable. If you also don't want Dev to leave anything behind in the registry, please select "Portable" or "Minimal" in the setup options.
  4. For ultimate portable programming, please launch devcppPortable.exe located in the main folder of the portable zip download. This will make dev save its configuration files in the same folder as the executable.

The setup can be downloaded here. The Portable zip version can be downloaded here. The source code can be found here.

Beta update
The Beta 4 update can be found here. Its source code can be found here.

Problems / Upcoming changes / TODO
  • TODO: Implement C++11 suggestions by Xazax.
  • TODO: Fix the ParentID bug in the tooltip and goto menu items.
  • TODO: Implement an autosave feature.
  • TODO: Finish work done on adding icons to tool menu items.


  1. Where *.h file in

  2. I don't know in what business but to 11 betas inclusive Dev-C ++ worked.
    12 and release don't compile the appendix, a problem I can't find yet.

  3. And already works...
    I have put a tick to use given, have then removed a tick and all has earned.... Strange...

  4. Hello, I like your updates
    I found the original Dev-C++ problems

    This is my settings
    Tools -> Configure Tools

    Can only use the first tool, other set can not use

    However, if the tool exchange position...

    the other set "Compile C - 2" can be used
    But before can use instead of "Compile C", but now it can not be used...

    So simply put, can only use the first tool
    But every time exchange positionis not convenient

    Can you to help to fix this bug, let all tools can be used at the same time?

    Thank you

    ( english is poor...)

  5. Do you plan to support svn in the near future version?

  6. The program is very long closed.
    I can not understand with what it it is connected, but at closing simply enough to keep all files of the project, to stop threads, and to close Dev-c ++.

  7. At you an error:
    If to make changes in *.cpp a file, at pressing not F9, the project recompiling with new *.cpp a file.
    If to make change in *.h a file the project by pressing on F9 recompiling won't be!!!

  8. @Sfinexer (the first two posts):

    Might be a settings migration bug/feature. Please re-save your project.


    I honestly haven't looked at the Tools code at all. Looks like I should.


    Actually, nope. Well, I could, but I've never used it before, so I don't really know what to say about it.


    Ehm, I don't really understand. Does it have to do with a crash, a debugger stuck at system("pause") or ...?

    I'll have a look at the code that decides which files should be recompiled. Can you clarify anyway?

    And Dev-C++ RC2 is pretty much the final version of If regressions pop up, please report them!

  9. At change of files which are connected as #include, change in them, and pressing F9 the project not recompiling those *.cpp files in which is this #include.

  10. Has code folding been implemented since If not, could you implement it? Thanks for the update man! Devcpp could use it! :D

  11. Also, what IDE are you using to develop these new versions? Just wondering!

  12. Find problem

    When I Ctrl+Click at any function

    Can't to follow it, error

  13. Looking at the position of the tooltip, I conclude you are using version

    Version RC2 has a partially rewritten tooltip, which works fine on your piece of code. I did find a bug regarding i though.

  14. I've uploaded RC3.


    It should fix your bug. I retyped your code in and it crashed. It didn't do so anymore in RC3. I won't get technical here, but the code scanner tried to read past the text is was passed.


    I'm trying to address your issue at the moment.


    1) Nope, not yet. But a newer version of the third party highlighter supports it. I could try it.

    2) I'm using Delphi 7 at the moment, but I'm thinking about moving to Delphi 2009, as it supports Unicode.

  15. Thanks a lot for this new version. Your update cycle is impressive.

    Unfortunately, a small annoyance I reported for still has not been eliminated ... and I still wonder whether I'm the only one affected.

    Whenever I select "Append closing braces" in the editor options, the following happens:
    -- on typing "(", "{" or "[" : nothing, no closing braces are appended automatically
    -- on typing ")", the program appends yet another closing brace which I have to delete
    -- the above does not happen when typing "]" or "}"

    I'm on WinXP SP3 32bit, keyboard layout is German.

    Thanks for your time,

  16. @Anonymous:

    I think I know where the problem lies now that you say you're using a German keyboard: I'm currently relying on base 'character + shift' events to trigger these completion features.

    So for example, the code that checks for ( actually checks for '9 + shift'. Having a look at the US layout reveals that it indeed implies '('.

    I just had a look at the german layout, and guess what, '9 + shift' equals ).

    Just for the fun of it, try 'shift + 8' and 'AltGr + 7' to see what I mean.

  17. @Anonymous:

    I'm 99% confident the keyboard localisation bug is fixed now. I even switched to a German and Dutch layout to check it, and it works now, on basically all keyboards microsoft supports! :D

  18. Yes, that of course explains it.

    I had an intuition that it might be related to the keyboard after all. This is always the first thing to check when in an international environment you seem to be the only one who has a problem with shortcut keys.

    I tried 'Shift+8' and 'AltGr+7' but couldn't see what you mean; they result in "(" and "{" without any effect.
    'Shift+ß' (key next to '0'), however, does produce a "?" (which is correct) plus an additional "}".


  19. Sorry, I posted without refreshing.

    So thank you indeed for the fast fix!

  20. @Anonymous:

    Dev-C++ RC4 has got your fix. I'm packing it at the moment.

    Ugh, not true. This little masterpiece of annoyance is bothering me at the moment:


    About the tools bug: can I have your ...


    ... file? I can't reproduce that graying bug, so having your settings would be nice.

  21. I think I fixed it. Please try RC4.

  22. @Orwell
    Thank you,
    I have just sent the file to your email :)

  23. @tec:

    Right, I've fixed it, 99% sure. I'll upload the real tomorrow, after some testing of course.